I’m a web developer who creates websites, integrations and other development tasks. I've always had a passion for frontend development / UX / design - and how we build websites with different types of frameworks. I'm currently developing in .NET, jQuery, CSS/Sass/Less and using different types of plugins. I’m always curious and up for learning and experimenting with new technologies... and just earned the title as Parent for my daughter, Ella.

Working @ DIS/PLAY

I'm a part of the creative team in DIS/PLAY and working as a Frontend Developer. I create mobile-first websites and other different frontend tasks. I work in a fun and creative environment to deliver the best result for our customers.

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Company: DIS/PLAY                                            

Title: Frontend Developer

Period: May 2014 - Present

I have been working on cases for:

- Ny Carlsbergfondet

- Sikker Trafik

- Børnefonden

- Deloitte

- TV3

- Trafik og byggestyrelsen

and other companies...


Company: DR (Danish Broadcasting)                                               

Title: IT - System Consultant

Period: April 2010 - April 2014

Description:  A member of the Archive system team. Working on serveral projects with various tasks. Everything from integrations to frontend web development.


- Europaparlamentsvalg Invalg 2014 (frontend)

- Diskoteket music archive 2013 (frontend)

- Folketingsvalg Invalg 2012 (frontend)

- Integration between Media Archive and Avid media composer (backend/frontend - Silverlight)

- Integrations between DR Media Archive and x systems in the house. (backend)

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